RIM Termed Least Eco-Friendly by Greenpeace

If you thought the cute BlackBerry you flaunt is easy on the environment, you are wrong! A recent study on the eco-friendliness of the mobile phone brands listed Blackberry as the worst brand that cares least for green. The survey by Greenpeace, a Guide for Greener Electronics, has featured RIM, makers of BlackBerry in the last spot.


The company finished 15th among the top electronic companies ranked according to their environmental policies and effects of their products on the depleting environment.

The study revealed that the Canadian electronic giants are backward in formulating the electricity plot and strategies to increase the use of renewable energy. This lack of responsibility from a popular brand is surprisingly awful.

It is not first time a major company is ridiculed for negligence towards the environment. Apple had once been criticized for its anti ecology policies in past.

RIM has now landed last in the list of the world’s energy efficient or greenest electronic firms. Greenpeace also added that though RIM has promoted energy efficiency, the firm has maltreated energy efficiency values.

Meanwhile, its laurels for Hewlett Packard, as they lead the list  as the best brand for their strongly lower carbon emissions and backer for passionate climate legislation.

Dell has jumped to the second rank from the previous 10th position, while Nokia has been pulled down to the third slot due to weaker performance on energy efficiency. RIM, will we see better strategies at least now?

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