Richard Branson Lends Support to Save the Indian Tiger

Did you know philanthropist and high flying business tycoon Richard Branson has his heart tuned towards wildlife conservation? One aspect that rules his mind these days is his love for the Indian Tigers. Branson, who will work for the conservation of Indian tigers, was recently in India and he visited theCorbettNational Park. The park is a conservation center on an area of 520 square kilometers that houses critically endangered Bengal Tigers.

In partnership with WildAid, Branson will help generate funds to stabilize the existing tiger population. Recent estimates show that there are only 1,600 tigers left inIndia! Branson will also help to create awareness to save these great tigers.

Pointing out that tigers are desperately in need of help, he has that with hisIndiatrip he hopes to bring together 30 foreign entrepreneurs who will work with 30 Indian entrepreneurs.

He hopes that they can make a real difference in a practical manner through a firm association for the conservation of tigers. He has also said that he is hopeful of seeing the number of tigers go up from 1,500 to double the figure.

Branson, through his laudable act, is in fact paving the way for other celebrities to support such wild life conservation endeavors.

Are you interested too? Head here and chip in with your aid so that you too can do your bit to save the fast disappearing Indian Tigers.

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