Phoenix Bamboo Car Lets Your Imagination Hit the Fast Lane

We needn’t tell you that the lowly bamboo has various uses. Apart from being used to make huts and other traditional stuff, bamboo is now finding its way into several arenas. Green thinking seems to be held aloft, with ultimately unique eco-friendly concepts taking shape with bamboo at the center of all things. But then, can you imagine of a vehicle made of bamboo?

Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and German product designer Albercht Birkner have let their imagination run wild to create thus new vehicle out of bamboo for Phoenix Roadster!

The Phoenix Bamboo Car is not only made up of bamboo, it also has rattan, steel and nylon as ingredients. The makers took 10 days to build the bamboo car.

The bamboo car is purely eco-friendly! It is bio-degradable and is designed in the shape of a leaf of 153 inches length. The sides of the shell are woven and put together at the end of the leaf’s stem. The designers say that the bamboo car will last for at least five long years.

The project attempts to unveil the future of green vehicles using skins woven  from organic fiber, mated to composite materials and powered by green technology.

There are various questions that arise when we hear of a car made out of bamboo. Questions range from how it can be powered or how it would be used on the road traffic. Answers are on the way may be, but we guess the effort of the designers is really appreciable. Don’t you also think so?

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