Paraglider Sails Get on to Fashion Terrain; Recycled to Make Dresses

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As you are aware, it happens in the fashion world too. This time it is French designer Valérie Pache showing off her knack of integrating fashion with cast-off parachutes, retired paraglider sails and end of the roll fabrics.

She has done something that most of us never even thought of. Pache says that people are very surprised to see dresses in this material, especially paragliders who have no idea what can be done to give a second life to their sails. And that seems to make them really happy.

This material is there, there is a lot of it, and it’s free, Pache says in a video interview with Shamengo, adding that to offer the material a second life—a good life—is something I can really put a lot of myself into.

Kudos to that. Check out the pictures of the dresses she made with the materials; they’re really cool.


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