Pamela Anderson Calls for Ban on Horse Carriages in NYC

Remember, we told you about all the din and bustle that happened when a NY City carriage horse dies recently? Celebrity Lea Michele and PETA had come out with strong statements against the cruelty being handed out to the hapless animals on the street. With the issue no hot, none other than Pamela Anderson has called for a ban on horse carriages in New York City.

Anderson is  famous for her animal advocacy thoughts and friendly relations with PETA. Following the death of a second carriage horse, Pam has made her stance heard aloud as  and has now joined Lea Michele in urging Mayor Bloomberg to ban horse carriages in NYC.

An online petition has been generated byNew York citizens for Clean, Liveable and Safe Streets. It had earlier been proposed that a replacement for the horse carriages with environment-friendly replicas of classic cars should come along. The latest call could push for such a thing to happen.

Meanwhile Pam Anderson has lamented in a post on her Facebook page pointing out that this is the second time in less than two weeks, a carriage horse has collapsed on a Manhattan street.

Arguing that horses do not belong to a congested, urban setting where they are made to breathe exhaust and share the streets with cars, buses and taxis.

She, along with Michele, wants fellow fans to sign the petition and to help the legislation to get passed. Are you with Pam and Lea?


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