Oh My Mario, Who Gave You That Suit? [Video]

Poor Plumber Mario would never have thought, even in his craziest dreams, of such a bolt from blue! For him, the Tanooki suit, a furry raccoon-like attire which springs from magical squares that magically hover in the air, was just a magical suit that would help him float in the air and crush the bad guys out there. But as he wore that, someone came from no where and hit him right on the head! BANG BANG!!!

Baffled, Mario turned, with pain and grief, to spare one last look at his attacker. It was PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA have just launched their own campaign featuring Mario as a killer of innocent animals. Seems they have run out of topic to make themselves to the headlines and so turned towards poor Mario.

It was only very recently, Nintendo had launched their prestigious Super Mario 3D Land, a game that can be played on Nintendo’s new handheld 3DS game console. The game features adventures of Mario, a famed plumber who needs no introduction.

However, it’s very unfortunate that PETA took such a stand on this game. Mario, in this game, makes his way through a cartoon land filled with grouchy mushrooms, man-eating plants and wicked turtle creatures. It is never said or suggested or seen anywhere in the game that Mario slaughters animals for fur!

Now will our Mario need to reappear in the scene wearing his birthday suit or fig leaves? If so, can you imagine that?

Meanwhile, here’s the trailer video for Super Mario 3D Land.

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