Nigeria Builds Eco-Friendly Building with Abandoned Plastic Bottles

Nigeria has found a unique way to compensate building material shortage – in a totally eco-friendly way. An NGO based in Nigeria – Development Association for Renewable Energies (DARE) has bagged the credit for making use of plastic bottles, that otherwise threaten the ecology, so as to build houses.

They have enthusiastically built an incredible two-bedroom bungalow solely with waste plastic bottles. This would be first of this kind tried in the world and offers immense potential for the future consideration by other parts of the world.

People of Kaduna city, where the prototype house has been built, were initially unconvinced of the credibility of project that started in June. But to their surprise this almost complete home has been now declared bullet proof, fireproof, and earthquake resistant. It also claims to uphold a comfortable interior temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit all through the year.

The building method has been explained thus: Plastic bottles filled with sand are tied together at the neck by an intricate network of strings. This mud filled plastic bottles are tactfully placed and packed down with a combination of mud and cement. DARE stated that the mud-cement combination is even stronger than cinder blocks.

This apart, multi-colored bottle caps that protrudes from the walls of this 624 square foot bungalow, imparts to the facade of this building an exclusive look and splash of color.

DARE is not alone in this novel initiative. They have support from the African Community Trust, a London-based NGO. DARE hopes to improve and spread out this construction method so that they can help in cutting down the shortage of construction materials in the area, while saving the landfills and streets from dangerous plastic.

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  1. Mushtak Fazal

    Hello SIr

    I really liked your idea of the plastic bottle wall and the bungalow you have built

    Can you please send us more information on how wall and the roof and other things are attached WIll really appreciate if you can send more photos of how u started until u finished. We would like to try; it on one of schools we want to build

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