Lucy Lawless Plays Warrior in Real Life; Up Against Deep Sea Drilling

‘Warrior Princess’ Lucy Lawless has raised her voice against deep sea drilling. She has thus proved she is a warrior in the real life too! The actress has urged the people to sign the Greenpeace petition that fights to stop deep sea oil drilling along  the coast of New Zealand.

As a New Zealand national, Lawless wants the fellow people of her country to raise their protest against this malpractice.

The petition calls to use clean energy and to end the expansion of coal industry. The petition already has been signed by 100,000 people.

Lawless says that she would urge any person to sign the petition, who wants to protect the coasts from other oil spill like the Tauranga incident.

She adds that by signing the petition the people will also be doing something positive about the climate crisis that the earth is facing.

Jim Salinger, the climate scientist, and Steve Abel, the Greenpeace Climate Change Campaigner, also have joined her.

Salinger says that deep sea mining will make global warming worse now and in the future.

He added that the decisions will determine the severity of climate change in the future.

Abel says that as international oil giants like Shell, Andarko and Petrobras plans to drill in the waters of New Zealand at greater depths than 1500 m, the risk of a catastrophic spill become real. Are you also with them in their fight against deep sea oil drilling ? If yes, here’s the petition




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