Light Bulb Finder App Helps You Choose the Best Energy Saving Bulb [Video]

The number of smartphone apps around us increases almost with every second. Users will soon find themselves hunting, hopelessly, for the right app in a crowded app market. Eventually, they all will get tired of seeing new commercially packed apps slamming into the market crashing all the doors. That day shouldn’t be too far as Android and iOS are pacing madly to fill their app stores with numbers than quality!

Perhaps that’s the reason why we tend to appreciate when innovative and useful apps like the LightbulbFinder breaks the surface.  This app helps you choose the right energy saving bulb for you, while completely respecting your preferences like bulb style and quality of light. Though this app won’t physically change the light bulbs for you, it definitely does help you save on your electricity bills.

LightbulbFinder, which is available for iPhones and Android, is a winner of best overall prize in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Apps for the Environment Challenge, a contest for software developers to create new applications to enable the public to use EPA’s environmental and human health data to help communities and individuals benefit from using, understanding, and applying EPA’s data to their environmental and/or health issues.

A panel of program experts and managers from the E.P.A chose, from 38 entries, the winners based on the usefulness and innovation of the apps.

You can find out the amount of energy you can save, based on your local electricity rates, just by entering your ZIP code.

You can also add your preferences, like the style and quality of light, and add items to your shopping cart. Once it is done, this app allows you to order, the bulbs, directly from your smart phone.

The app makers claim that this app could save a typical American around $120 annually on electricity bill and reduce the environmental impact by 1,360 lbs. CO2.

LightbulbFinder is free to download on to iPhones, iPad touch, iPod and Android smartphones. Why don’t you try and see what this app has to tell you?

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