Levi Strauss Adds More Shades of Green; Pairs Up With Better Cotton Initiative

Looks like Levi Strauss is committed to more than just delivering some of the best jeans. The clothing giant has come forward with an initiative to reduce the amount of water a pair of jeans consumes in its life cycle: right from the water needed for irrigating the cotton crop to the water used in washing the denim by the customers.

Better Cotton Levi Strauss

The company has also introduced a brand featuring stone-washed denim smoothed not with water, but with rocks. It is sewing tags into all of its jeans urging customers to wash less and use only cold water.

Apart from addressing the concern of worldwide water shortage, Levi Strauss’s initiative is based on the threat water shortage poses on the company’s very existence in terms of the rising price and shortage of cotton.

It has also paired up with the Better Cotton initiative, which seeks to make cotton more sustainable throughout the growing process. The initiative was founded in 2005 by some nongovernmental and cotton industry organizations and some giant retailers, including Ikea, the Gap and Adidas.

The Better Cotton initiative supports the growth of cotton in a way that reduces the environmental impacts of farming and helps the 300 million cotton farmers around the world as well.

Levi Strauss says that it is doing all these because 95%of its products are made from cotton and better cotton is better for the environment and for the farmers. And about 2 million pairs of Levi’s and Denizen jeans made from better cotton are coming this fall.

It would turn out to be better for the company as well. Anyway, a big thumbs up for Levi Strauss for going green.

Want to have a closer look at the infographic posted above? Download it here.

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