Kristen Stewart Vows Never to Wear Fur; Lauded on Jay Leno Show [Video]

Remember Bella, the girl of the Twilight Saga? Yes, the gorgeous Kristen Stewart, who had won worldwide appreciation for her performance in the Twilight Saga and many other Hollywood movies, is again in the news for her love for nature.. She said in a chat show that she will never ever wear garments made of fur!  Now, that calls for applause.

She was participating in the ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno. As part of the show,  Jay Leno took out a photograph of Kristen from W Magazine in which she wore a black fur-like garment. Leno asked her about the costume and she replied the dress was not made up of fur and she would never wear a dress made of fur.

Her response won great appreciation among the audience, who cheered Kristen’s stance. Again, she gave a humble response to the cheers by saying that she was not making any grand statement.

It is sure that Kristen had again won many hearts with this statement. It is sure that this declaration will pave the way for many other celebs to move away from fur costumes. Are you a fan of Kristen?? Then say bye-bye to fur products!

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