Know More on Dams and How they Impact You, Courtesy of Google Earth [Video]

The technology of dams can be traced back to 3000BC. Did you know, that these human creations , apart from being a major source of electricity, water security and irrigation aid, they are also related with crucial impacts on the on the ecology front of the locality that houses them? It can usually cause massive levels of environmental degradation, and that includes many important habitat losses due to flood and interruptions in riparian life. The aftermaths of dam disasters are unfathomable.

These aspects are enough in making dams a major candidate against conservation. The pros and cons of dams are debatable. With the COP 17 now underway inDurban,South Africa, the hot topic is again up for discussion.

The long-term effects of dams are unpredictable and ought to be very dangerous with the times of abrupt changes in weather like glacier melts and droughts.

Thankfully the Internet giant has a likely solution. Google Earth’s new technology gives us a better understanding of designing a dam and evaluating its long-term plausibility.

We just stumbled upon Zachary Hurwitz’s (of International Rivers), review of Google’s new venture in the Lat-Long blog. The new Google earth feature allows visitors to take a substantial look at the dam-building hotspots around the world.

It details the effect the enormous dams have on the climate, river ecosystems, and the communities that depend upon them. You can also take a tour on the real case studies in Africa, theHimalayasand the Amazon and educate yourself about the themes such as reservoir emissions, dam safety, and adaptations.

Animations and 3D images are also integrated, which can elaborate on how melting glaciers in theHimalayasas a result of climate change can cause unfathomable damages by triggering floods and safety risks for the population living downstream.

It also gives intricate details about the under water in one ofBrazil’s dirtiest reservoirs, the Tucuruí Dam. Other chemical and ecological reactions happening inside dams are also explained.

Head here to know all about the dams at your locality and ensure that you have a safer today and tomorrow. Here’s a video that could interest you.

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