Know if Your Purchase is Really Eco-Friendly with this iPhone App

It seems that everything we come across in the market has some eco-labels attached to it. And, we are not going to an evening class to study which all tags mean what. Chances are some of the producers can exploit this ignorance of the consumer. It appears that doomsday has finally arrived for such cheap market claims exploiting the ignorant consumer.

A new iPhone app that detects tags and eco-labels and gives info about it has arrived. Consumer reports have introduced the new app named Eco-Label, which will cost around $0.99 on the iTunes store. It probably can save you more than what you spend.

Call it the mobile avatar of, which gives independent reviews of common terms on labels and interprets whether it is meaningful or not.

So from now on, when you are in a store, check out whether the product claims are right, by alphabetically searching for the label name or product name in the app.

The app will push out a report card for a single label, which instantaneously would give you an idea of what you are looking on the shelf.

See what Consumer reports has to say about the eco-labels:

“The best labels are meaningful, verified, consistent, transparent, and independent. They are those that have been developed with broad public and industry input. General claims are those made voluntarily by the company and certified claims are generally those that have been approved by another certification group. While the term “organic” is highly meaningful on most foods, some products that claim to be such, like fish or fertilizers, do not have to meet the standards of the National Organic Program. Sustainable labels should address environmental, social and/or health concerns regarding products and production practices. Labels vary in breadth and depth of coverage, even very specific labels like “no growth promoters,” can add value to the conventional baseline.”

There are sure many labels that can misguide you. With an app like this, you can make sense of the right green products and make best out of your purchase.

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