Jim and Tori Recycle Toy and Gadget Bits to Create Unique Decorative Songbirds

Every one out there loves watching birds, right? This is for all you are in love with the avian wonders. Jim and Tori have put together a beautiful collection of songbirds for you. You can keep them captive in your home. Alarmed? No, we at Greenlichen are not asking you to keep birds in captivity. The duo has created inanimate birds from waste. They have collected e-waste and other dumped instruments and tools for making unique birds models.

Their art has given birth to a whole flock of birds in the form of antique items of old clocks, binoculars, gears and similar other found objects. Birds are handmade in their studio atFloridawhere they idealize the forms of 3D bird carvings for duplicating the original shape and characteristics.

Jim and Tory started this venture way back in 2006. Since then, numerous songbirds are flown out of their studio from whatever mass of junk and relics they came across.

Their interesting figurative sculptures haven’t even spared the croquet balls and wheels. Many unclassified machine wastes have been given a rebirth as wonderful showcase pieces.

They also warn their customers that as pieces are made from retrieved items, and so no two of them are same in colour or style. Now, do you want a piece of this exclusive songbird at your home garden?


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