Janet Jackson Fan Outraged at Singer’s Love for Fur; To Auction Off Memorabilia Collection

If you wanna stay in my heart, make sure you BEHAVE! That seems to be what a former Janet Jackson fan wants to tell the celebrity singer at the moment. Once upon a time a mega fan of the entertainer, Sean Oltersdorf fromMichiganis now all disappointed with the celebrity. The reason: Janet’s decision to design and launch a fashion line that has animal fur clothing!!

Oltersdorf, who has loads of Janet memorabilia in his collection, is now thinking of auctioning them and donate the proceeds. Now, that’s something major indeed. Oltersdorf, who has described himself as a long-time Janet Jackson fan, is absolutely disgusted and disappointed by Janet Jackson’s move.

He now has no other way but to auction off his Janet items – which he had been collecting for the past quarter of a century. And they include posters and photos, magazines, vinyl and other items. All these are to be put up for auction soon Ebay and the proceeds will go to PETA.

In case you aren’t aware, Janet Jackson has entered into a deal fur company Blackglama for the new mink fur line. The new line will include 15 items such as coats and gloves.

Janet Jackson had invited controversy for her love for fur earlier too. The latest episode needs to be seen with more seriousness, we guess. Will the celebrity have second thoughts at least now? Tell us what you feel.

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