Helping Shun the Stigma Attached to Recycled Water Use

There is a stigma attached to using recycled water in Bahrain, which is apparently taking away potential and causing wastage, an expert in water recycling has said. Mike Rae Selim, President of Gulf Aqualite, a provider of water recycling solutions, has said that though recycled water may not necessarily be consumed, it could be used for a variety of other purposes such as washing and irrigation. However, it should be purified in such a way that there are optimum mineral levels and devoid of bacteria or virus.

“Over 8 liters of water is consumed each time you flush a toilet,” Selim explained. This water can come from a recycled source, thereby meaning significant savings, especially for office and residential towers.

Selim said that his company has a range of products which claim to produce pure potable water from even raw sewage. He said that it involves a two step process whereby aerobic bacteria first eats away the sewage.

Moreover, Selim said these units come pre-made and tested, so that large scale purification could be done swiftly.

Meanwhile, he criticised the desalination processes currently being used in the Kingdom.

“Instead of just extracting sea water, it should be taken from the beaches as it makes for a natural filter.

“Almost all micro-organisms are killed and therefore, you’re giving bacteria and viruses ‘happy hours’ to breed in this process,” he said.

Gulf Aqualine had been featured in the recently concluded Bahrain’s First Waste Management Forum.

Selim said that plans are on the pipeline to tie up with major commercial establishments in the Kingdom to boost water recycling.

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