Hampden Lane House Near Bethesda is all Green [Image Gallery]

Simplicity is the best sophistication. The adage holds good when it comes to this eco-conscious and well-equipped house. The beautiful Hampden Lane House is located in a posh area of Edgemoore near Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb bordering the northwest of Washington DC. The residence has packed utmost facilities in minimal land, and that makes it a noble, sensitive and sustainable design. Thanks to the support of a young, forward thinking entrepreneur client, the designer has built this contemporary and unique abode that gives due respect for the environs, despite being luxurious.


The deliberate use of cube design has given an urbane feel while providing much space for a green area on property. The house is around 2200 square feet with no space unused or underutilized.

Apart from this, a flat roof provides a bonus 1100 square feet of outdoor living space that offers views of treetops and the downtown Bethesda skyline. Also notable are the arrangements of windows in the ground faced block walls, composed of varied sizes of rectangular and square openings.

They give ample views of the tranquil exterior, all the while minimizing views of adjacent houses in close proximity. Suitably constructed walls create space for parking court and ground privacy.

The interior of the house is simple, and has open and light filled spaces with crisp detailing. Walnut flooring designed in combination with the charcoal gray exterior walls provides a neat, cozy and spacious look to the interior.

Take a closer look at the house below:

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