GM Chevy Cruze Plug-in Hybrid Round the Bend

It appears that GM has diverse plans in the EV arena. At least that is what we infer when Jim Federico, GM’s executive director (also group vehicle line director and VLE for global compact, mini, small and EV) announced that the car maker will soon bring in a Chevy Cruze in the plug-in hybrid form.

GM will ensure there is a significant difference between their technology and “range-extended EV” engine in the earlier Volt and Cruze’s plug-in edition. As GM puts it, a plug-in hybrid is the vehicle in which motor and engine work together. However in Volt, the backup engine only comes in to refill the battery which motivates the motor at the wheels.

This plainly means that the hybrid Chevy Cruze will possibly have a relatively low gas mileage compared with the Volt. Nevertheless, it will be GM’s flagship model to compete withToyota’s Prius Plug-in.

While Volt is made for maximum fuel efficacy at higher speeds, Prius is made as an ideal city commuting car. With the non-hybrid Chevy Cruze Eco receiving 40 mpg, we guess the Cruze hybrid will something to look out for.

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