Gear Up to Go Electric: 6 Electric Cars Set to Charm 2012

Year 2012 is ought to be a very promising year for the cars, particularly the electric versions. Many of the top brands have slated the release of their top models in the market next year. You now have more sophisticated and efficient option among the four-wheelers to reduce your carbon foot print. Read on to know which of the green vehicles are set for release next year so that you can be ready to drive amidst clean air.

Tesla Model S

Tesla always surprises the world with what they are offering. It’s not going to be different in 2012 as well. Tesla Motors is all ready to impress the market with their new Tesla Model S. We expect some innovation like what we have seen in Tesla Roadster sports car. Meanwhile, we learn that the Model S supports a 160, 230 or 300 mile range, and accelerates from 0 to 60 time in around 5.6 seconds. The main version will have a 17-inch web-enabled touch screen center console, smart connectivity, a wholly customizable gauge cluster, seating for 7 and two trunks. Auto climate control ensures a comfy temperature.

Ford Focus EV

Ford is not ready to stay put when it comes to the electric car race. The Focus EV is an outstanding traveler car with great amenities. It is capable of a 100-mile range for a full charge. Charging options comes in two different package- standard 120 volt power cord can fully charge it within 7 hours – or a wall-mounted 240 volt charger for a speedy 3.5 hours. 240 volt wall mount charger 60% post consumer recycled material. Focus EV also sports a regenerative breaking, and 100% post-consumer recycled content seats. While, Ford’s SYNC infotainment system will allow you to communicate details about car’s charge and other vital stats directly to phone.

Nissan Leaf

Dubbed the current EV king, Nissan Leaf has certainly snatched the position by outperforming the Chevy Volt. Leaf has a 100-mile range and is allowed to charge via both 120 volt and 240 volt power sources. It is also equipped with smartphone connectivity. As with many of the cars in the market, it will have integrated temperature control timers, so that you can make your car ready for travel before you wake up in the morning.

Chevy Volt

Chevy is all set to enter the competition with its extended-range electric Volt. This EV can traverse 40 miles purely on electric, before switching to the integrated gasoline engine to help generate more electricity. Chevy Volt is also equipped with regenerative breaking which could save some energy. Distinct from other extended range vehicles, the Volt’s gas motor gets more efficient by driving power directly to the wheels.

Fisker Karma

Another of the brands packing an extended-range electric motor under the hood is the stunning Fisker Karma. This luxury vehicle features a 52 MPGe rating from the EPA with a 32 mile all-electric range.  The car is also facilitated to equip a solar roof, which can charge the car and can procure an extra 200 miles of driving range per year. The company claims that the naturally finished interior is made of wood cut out of reclaimed fallen trees.

Prius PHEV

This vehicle may not be alike the  other high-end vehicles, but is quite anticipated for its household appeal. Prius PHEV is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that features a selectable EV only mode. It claims a moderate 14.3 miles range on the all-electric mode that can give power to you for short commuting within the city. Overall, the Prius PHEV returns an estimated 87 MPGe. As a perk, this EV also make use of the regenerative braking technology.

So which of these EVs are you looking forward to?

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