Ferrari Millenio Electric Car Design Study Makes Your Mind Accelerate [Images]

With the next millennium poised to hold aloft the importance of electric cars, chances are that man will increasingly move toward electrically powered vehicles, thereby giving the gas guzzlers the miss. As if bringing about a precursor on things to come, a designer has come up with a new design for an EV for Ferrari!

Designer Marko Petrovic has charted out a new design study for a future Ferrari Millenio that will run on electric power. The Millenio concept comprising two engines is a light weight EV sporting two seats.

The new Millenio concept has come about as a follow up to theFerrariWorldParkinAbu Dhabi. It has been designed in such a way that the structure has several pieces with proportional designs.

All the structures are well designed and combined into one structure. A look at the design study would reveal that the Ferrari Millenio has a very complex structure. The front lights form the most attractive part of the Millenio, and they look like they are floating and not attached to vehicle.

The design also includes a silicon layer that acts as an additional protection layer. The designer says that Ferrari could give more battery power from more horse power by switching to EV in the distant future.

Anew material called Backypaper has been chosen for the body material, which is composed of carbon nanotubes. This Backypaper is ten times lighter and 500 times stronger than steel?

Take a look at the concept designs, and tell us what accelerates through your mind.


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