Carriage-Horse’s Death on NYC Street: Lea Michele Urges Action

Lea Michele is angry! But then, she has all the right to lose her cool. What else do you expect her to do when she sees a carriage horse fall down and die of exhaustion? In case you came in late, we are talking of the incident where a New York City carriage horse collapsed and died in the street while heading to Central Park.


Lea Michele and PETA didn’t waste anytime reacting to the sad death of the animal. With no action coming about from the authorities Lea has now gone ahead and written to Mayor Bloomberg urging him to take action!

Lea has reportedly shot off a letter to the mayor seeking action. We hear she wrote to the mayor about the cruel ways of the carriage horse industry, which are bringing about hell to the poor anuimals.

With the horse meeting with a tragic end, Lea has called upon the mayor to look at the rising number of horse-drawn carriage accidents and related deaths on the busy urban streets.


She has also suggested that the horse driven carriages need be replaced with “safe, vintage-replica electric cars”.

What do you have to say? Do we need to kill animals on those busy city streets in the name of transport? Scribble down your thoughts. Lea and PETA need support, we guess.

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