Bullets2Bandages Pays Tribute to Armymen the Green Way

Bullets are always identified with violence and war. But Erik Splading and Cole Evans, former Explosive Ordinance Disposal officers, are all set to change what bullets imply to the world. They have started a campaign to recycle and present used ammunitions of war into instruments of hope and recovery.

The duo have designed and given shape to the Bullets2Bandages, a company that pays tributes to aNavalAcademyclassmate, who lost his life to sniper fire.

They have made use of used bullets to make ornate and fashionable articles such as necklaces, bracelets, and belts. A very productive idea to honor men and women who have forsaken their lives for their motherland, the company aims at a very noble cause.


Spalding and Evans didn’t want their venture to end up as just another symbolic initiative. They donated 30 percent of the company’s proceedings to Travis Manion foundation, formed in the name of their friend.

This nonprofit organization does commendable work to serve injured soldiers, veterans, and their families. Manion, who was killed in 2007, while serving a s as a member of the Marine Corps inIraq, is now remembered by this organization that financially backs many programs including scholarship funds, tragedy-assistance and counseling workshops. They also conduct an annual 9/11 Heroes run that happens in more than 35 locations nationwide.

Novel fashion accessories are made of recycled, used 5.56-millimeter and 9-millimeter bullet casings. Covered with fresh full-metal-jacket tips, they are plated to create five different finishes: tiger, bronze, antique brass, classic, brushed silver and distressed pewter.

All products are fashioned with military dog tags imprinted with the ‘Bullets2Bandages’ logo. They have also extended their innovation to apparels that include the Bullets2Bandage baseball caps and T-shirts apart from the odder 50-caliber bullet bottle opener.

Don’t you also think this is one novel venture?

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