Breakthru Radio Joins NYC Citizens in Call for Ban on Horse-Drawn Carriages [Video]

Remember all the protests that followed after horse after horse fell down dead exhausted of pulling carriages on NYC streets? We had seen celebrities like Lea Michele and Pamela Anderson go all out against the practice of horse driven carriages in the city that has vehicles big and small rubbing shoulders with the hapless horses. PETA had joined in the fight to ban horse carriages in NYC and they are still willing to give up.

NYC’s BreakThru Radio has joined hands with all those who are against the horse driven carriages and the cruelty meted out to the poor animals. Last Thursday,
Thursday, BreakThru Radio featured a new episode of their original series The Pulse, and this week, they went to the streets of Central Park to take a closer look at
horse-drawn carriages.

It has been found that in the last couple of months, more than six horses have been injured or killed in a carriage accident. No wonder the protests are getting stronger.
NYC is still waiting for a move from the authorities, and they all hope for a legislation that will help the horses live.

Here’s the BreakThru Radio video, as we thought it would inspire you to join the fight against horse driven carriages in NYC. Tell us if you have your heart tuned towards helping the hapless horses out there on NYC street ruing their fate.

(Thanks Carly Shields)

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