BlueBiped Robot Walks like a Human Sans Any Power Source [Video]

You may have thought when you see robots (in films though) ‘why do they walk so stiff, jerky and straight?!’ The Nagoya Institute of Technology seems to have thought about the same thing and found out a solution for the stiff walking of robots. The researchers of the institute have invented the BlueBiped robot on the ‘principle of falling’. It is a pair of mechanical legs which can walk like a human and is powered by its own weight.


The amazing fact is that the BlueBiped have no motors or hydraulics or remote controller. It is designed in such a way that the limbs need only a push once to continue walk like human movement by ‘falling forward’. Momentum needed for the movement of the robotic legs is provided by the weight of the robot.

Now, just think on what happens on slopes and other uneven surfaces?!

The Japanese team hopes that the BlueBiped will overcome those situations, but zero-energy walking pendulum will not work in this case.


Tests on the BlueBiped have proved that it can walk for 13 hours continuously without any interruption.

Can you think that a robot can walk just like a human over 9 miles with about 100,000 consecutive steps without any source of power or human help?! Amazingly, BlueBiped can!

Hit Play below to see the BlueBiped do the undoable.

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