Bahrain School Kids Create Eco-Friendly Generators 6 Times Cheaper than Solar Cells

A gadget capable of generating electricity “six times cheaper than solar cells” is a new addition to scientific inventions made by Bahraini students. Jihad Al ‘Akri and Ayman Jaffar Ayyad fromShaikhIsaSecondary Schoolfor Boys have created the product.

It uses the dynamic movement of liquids in domestic piping to create power. School Principal Isa Tahir, congratulated the two students, and hailed their inventiveness.

“The apparatus generates electric power from the water flowing in domestic pipes in every household, and in turn enables the generation with cheap eco-friendly electric power for local community usage,” said Tahir.

He also praised the efforts of the project supervisor and school’s teacher Hussain Al-Showaykh who compiled a feasibility study for the invention.

The invention is an added laurel to the eco-drive programs that the Kingdom has been, of late, embracing.

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