True Blood Star Kristen Bauer Stands Up for the Chimps

It was just a couple of days ago we got to see celebs tweeting their protest against the Ohio Animal Massacre. We now have yet another celebrity actress who has come forward to save the chimpanzees. True Blood star Kristin Bauer, who has been a very active advocate for animal welfare, has through a petition asked  the US Fish and Wildlife Service to provide protection to chimpanzees being used in research labs and entertainment industries.

kristin bauer

According to her, it is be shameful to see the chimpanzees go extinct as we continue to exploit them. She posted her petition on the website , where fans can sign in to support her plea.

PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) has joined Bauer in the campaign. The petition posted has 1,389 signatures already. The goal of the petition is 1,500 signatures, which will be attained soon. expects more signatures and more attention for chimpanzees in need of protection. Fans of Bauer can take lend their support for a cause she stands for.

Are you also responding to Bauer’s call? Join the campaign so that you too can make earth a cruelty free planet.

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