Swallow Scented Digestible Capsules, and Exude Fragrance [Video]

Swallow perfume capsules and exude sweet scent through every pore of yours! Can’t swallow? Can’t digest? You have to! A new company out of Amsterdam is developing a “digestible scented capsule” that turns your epidermis into an atomizer. Swallowable Parfum, according to founders Lucy McRae and Sheref Mansy, uses the body’s natural processes to excrete fragrance molecules through the skin through perspiration, leaving tiny droplets of scent that are unique to the individual’s physical and emotional state.

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Although still in its salad days—and pending U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval—the technology could revolutionize the fragrance industry by personalizing scents based on your body chemistry.
Haven’t you noticed the smell of garlic wafting through your pores hours after you had eaten it? Likewise, the manufacturers say, you will exude the scent of aromatic flowers, herbs, or spices, a la the perfume you use.
We constantly seek out new ways to communicate our uniqueness and express our individuality, says McRae, an Australian artist who worked four years as a “body architect” at Philips Design.

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Together with Mansy, a synthetic biologist, McRae developed an edible capsule comprising synthesized lipid molecules that mimic the structure of fat molecules naturally found in the body. Once the capsule is ingested, the body’s fat-metabolizing enzymes break apart the lipids to release the fragrance molecules locked within. “Subsequently, the liberated fragrant molecules are excreted through the skin’s surface during perspiration,” McRae adds. The aroma’s potency depends on your body’s temperature, stress levels, or even state of sexual arousal.But, is it safe? Will the molecules remain trapped in your body if you’re the non-sweaty type? Will undigested lipids be metabolized along with everything else?

Research has gone but skin-deep. We’ll wait.

SWALLOWABLE PARFUM® from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.

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