Spider Venom Could Help Combat Breast Cancer

Don’t smirk when you think of the spider! New research has found that venom of some spiders can be used as a medicine to treat breast cancer. The new discovery could be a great manna from the animal kingdom, as women across the world face a greater threat of being affected with breast cancer. The researchers from the University of Queensland is now researching on this possibility and studies are said to be in an early stage.


The complex mix of molecules in the venom of spiders is expected to have the power to kill cancerous cells. The procedure of the research is that about 300 molecules will be isolated from the venom.

These molecules will be exposed to the cancer cells and the reaction of the exposure will be monitored. Venom from about 10 funnel web spiders are collected for the research purpose from the Fraser Island.  These funnel web spiders are one of the deadliest species of spiders in the world.

It is being hoped that the spider toxins kill cancer cells. The research by the Australian University is being funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Venom specialist Bryan Fry has been quoted as saying that the natural pharmacology that exists within animal venoms is a tremendous resource waiting to be tapped.

Breast cancer is found to be one of the most common cancers in the world.

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