Solar Ship Aircraft to Fly In by Summer of 2013 [Video]

Now, this is amazing stuff. Toronto-based Solar Ship, known for their line up of aircraft designs with many amazing features, has announced that it has recently completed and flown its first prototype. It now plans a three-string range with both solar-only models and hybrid models. The aircraft can carry heavy loads through long distances with a tiny carbon footprint.

Solar Ship sails the skies 1

One amazing fact is that the new aircraft can travel up to 1,000 km carrying 1,000 kg. The aircraft powered only by the sunlight that fall on its back sides are filled with helium. It will also be able to take off from and land on a spot the size of a soccer field. The model, Caracal, can carry about 330 pounds, while another huge model christened Nanuq can carry 30 metric tons of weight..

The new aircraft will be able to go where no roads are built, where landing locations are not available and where existing airplanes and helicopters can’t reach on a single tank of fuel, say folks Solar Ship. The company expects its aircraft designs will be helpful with tasks from hauling humanitarian relief to moving payloads for mining operations in remote locations.

Only the preview of Solar Ship’s aircraft is available now. The official launch of the Solar Ship aircraft is expected in the summer of 2013. It is planned that a test flight of a smaller Solar Ship aircraft designed to carry a light load of medical supplies will take place in late 2012, somewhere in Africa.

Wow, we are waiting to know more , so that we can update you on Solar Ship’s new initiatives on that front.

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