Schwalbe Makes a Comeback with E-Schwalbe Electric Scooter [Video]

The 1950s German Scooter brand, ‘Simson Schwalbe’ had cults during the time; even today the vintage fans are looking for those classy models, but unfortunately they are rare to catch. The KR50 model was the first among the series, further with KR51, KR51/1, and KR51/2 models. Also called the Bird series, the Schwalbe’s first model, KR50, had 2.1hp engine with a top speed of 50km/h. With the second rollout the spec got major upgrades like 3.4hp and 3 speed manual transmission. Well, the real story is that the Schwalbe is returning as an E-Schwalbe with the same form factor. Hope it might keep up with the current e-scooters with improved aerodynamics.

E-Schwalbe 2

Anyways, it has got zero emission and the great looks so that’s not a big deal and it also comes in two variants to choose from.

The ‘Eco’ with a top speed of 30mph (45km/h) and the ‘Boost’ with 50mph (80km/h), both have the range of 110 miles, apparently in a single charge.

The price is a little pricey with 4699 euros ($6375) for the slowpoke and 5,799 euros ($7880) for the speedy.

E-Schwalbe 1

With the production starting in early 2012, the arrival will be probably in the 2012 spring after the official U.S. debut at DealerExpo 2012.

If you are the person taking short trips often, this will be a great companion to zigzag the chocking traffic or the lousy streets and of course harmless to the Mother Nature unlike the fuel drinkers. So what you think? Feeling retro?

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