Paper Light Bulb Concept Could Help Cut Packaging

Ever imagined a light bulb made of paper!? You may not have as yet, but designer Tien-Ho Hsu thought on it, resulting in a concept. You may find it a tad tricky, but it is still a concept that will help reduce the amount of waste created by light bulbs and packages. Hsu’s design has the emulsion covered paper glowing, when it is hooked on to an electricity source.  We know so you have many a question to ask now.

Lightbulbs Made of Paper Eliminate Packaging 1

The answers for your doubts haven’t been given by the designer as yet. We too aren’t sure whether the paper bulb will be able to replace a 60 watt or 40 watt brightly glowing common light bulb.

However, just imagine as to what extent a paper can glow?! Definitely not as much as a metal can. And, now another question occurs whether the paper will burn when it glows.

The concept is quite interesting, but its applications might be not practical. The goal to reduce waste created by the light bulbs and packages is appreciative, though. This concept makes the product and package merge into one entity.

If the designer is able to answer the many doubts that arise in your minds, the concept might get practical in daily life. The concept – Eco Light – is a 2011 Liteon Awards winning entry – no less.

So let us hope for the paper bulb transform from a concept to a product. What do you have to say?

Lightbulbs Made of Paper Eliminate Packaging 3

Lightbulbs Made of Paper Eliminate Packaging 2

Lightbulbs Made of Paper Eliminate Packaging 4

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