Nissan Leaf Owner Recounts High-Voltage Experience [Video]

“The Electric Vehicle Story”, a brief documentary, is the story of Kevin Day, a Nissan Leaf owner. It was filmed for entry into Zooppa’s “Changing Your City for the Better” contest sponsored by Siemens. The film, as told by Day, offers a first-hand account of what it’s like to own a Leaf.Nissan Leaf Documentary 1

The experience is real, not a long-term review ride. As filmed by Justin Adkinson Productions, “The Electric Vehicle Story” is one man’s real-life Nissan Leaf-owning experience wrapped into an Internet-friendly package. Hit the jump to watch three-plus minutes of stunningly executed living-with-a-Leaf footage.Meanwhile, after achieving its initial goal of 20,000 booked (in the US) Nissan closed reservations at the end of last year. Now with 500 delivered and many more about to arrive, Nissan has announced it will accept more reservations on 1st May.

Nissan Leaf Documentary 2

Nissan has also revealed some interesting (and a little startling) data about the 500 LEAF early adopters; the average trip length was just 7 miles (!), most charge at home using a 220-volt supply, the average charge time is 2 hours 11 minutes and that owners are ‘…a combination of conscientious environmentalists and tech-savvy individuals. They are highly educated, have excellent credit, and are in the nation’s top 15 percent for household income.’

The Electric Vehicle Story from Justin Adkinson Productions on Vimeo.

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