Movenpick to Celebrate Green Laurel in Style this Chrismtas Season

Come December and Movenpick Bahrain hopes to celebrate Christmas with a world record to its credit in an eco-friendly way. Celebrating its recent laurel – the Green Global ISO 14000 certification, the hotel will attempt to break a Guinness World Record. As part of its venture to go environmental-friendly as well as promoting peace and stability in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Mövenpick Hotel plans to break the current record of the largest structure made from recycled plastic bottles.


General Manager Heinz Krähenbühl announced in a press conference that they would use around 2,000 plastic bottles to build a six-metre high tower on December 3. He stated that this would surpass the current record of a structure built from 1,044 bottles.

Ecostep, Kamen Communications LTD UK holds the present world record by way of a chandelier made of 1,044 bottles, which was hung from a tree in Malmö, Sweden on August 17, 2010 (pic posted alongside).

The hotel employees plan to do the construction in the shape of a Christmas tree, informed Krähenbühl. The hotel authorities have already contacted the Guinness authorities.

Movenpick has reportedly been certified last month after meeting the necessary requirements for the Green Global ISO 14000 certification. The certification is issued for enterprises that incorporate solutions of environmental issues to their decision making process. Moreover, it has the objective of improving sustainability based on internationally accepted criterion for management of travel and tourism businesses.

Initiatives such as waste segregation and recycling are currently being done by Mövenpick Bahrain, Krähenbühl said.

Additionally, the gesture aims to show the stability and peace in the Kingdom.

“We also want to show that Bahrain is back to normal and that there are good vibes all around,” he added.

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