Laura Vandervoort Bares All to Make You Leave Wildlife Out of Your Wardrobe [Video]

Remember V? The alien/reptilian movie that kept us on the seat edge was none other than this actress. We are talking of Laura Vandervoort, star of Smallville and V. She is back again – as a reptile. This time around, Laura is donning the reptile role with not a  stitch on her. You guessed it right. Laura Vandervoort has bared all to get into the skin of a reptile in PET’a latest ad. She has gone naked for PETA’s ad against the use of animal skins and furs in fashion.

laura ad shoot1

Noble initiative, right? PETA has said that the actress has posed naked as a reptile  as part of the “Whose Skin Are You In?” ad at Toronto Fashion Week. Vandervoort had her body (sexy, indeed) painted to look like reptile skin.

The cause she stands up for is to be applauded. As she says, “You wouldn’t skin your dog to wear to an event, to go out on a date, just for a status symbol. So please, have some compassion for animals”, she means it. The ad says it all.

Laura Vandervoor PETA Ad

It is being pointed out that three or four alligators have to die for one purse. It has also been found that snake’s heads are nailed to a tree while still alive and the skin peeled off.

The cruelest part is that they, being cold blooded creatures, take more time to die and so suffer more.

We have here for you the video of Laura Vandervoort shoot for the PETA ad video. Take a look.

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