Keep Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly; Here Are Some Tips

If you are a green activist and are groping in the dark in search of eco-friendly items for your kitchen, here are some simple ways by which you can do your own bit for nature.  If you have been using plastic and other synthetic materials as your chopping board, it is time you switched to wooden chopping boards. They are entirely easy to clean and handle.


Dinnerware can be in natural materials like wood or recycled glass. They are entirely free from the dangers of dyes and chemicals that are present in other forms of crockery.

When it comes to cooking and serving utensils, clay pots and wooden utensils can be used. If you have an eco-friendly cooking procedure like burning wood for cooking, clay pots are excellent and very durable. They can also be well maintained with the use of bamboo cleaning oil which gives them a natural and glossy shine.

Eco-friendly aprons made in organic cotton or naturally occurring fibers like hemp, jute, etc. are not only a class apart from the rest, but also stand out with their beautiful designs and styles. You also get a variety of eco-friendly colors like vegetable dyes which do not cause any allergy on your skin.

Place mats can be more stylish and in recycled silk or cotton materials.

Finally, drink ware. Recycled glass drink ware from Luigi Bormioli offers exciting collections which are carved out from 100% recycled glass. Water pitchers, tumblers, etc. come in various sizes, shapes and styles and are entirely worthy of the cost that you pay for these products.

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