Indo-German Artistic Axhibition is All About Being Nature-Friendly

Yamuna and Elbe are prominent rivers that had impacted the socio-cultural sector of the respective regions. Though these rivers are situated in separate continents and culture, a set of Indian and German artist has set out to reduce the ‘artistic space’ between this historical rivers. A twin project recently announced jointly by the Goethe-Institute in the capital and Delhi government will make a platform for celebrated artists from India and Germany to hold hands together for an eco-friendly art exhibition. This multi-media art exhibition that marks exclusive gathering of renowned artist from both nations commencing on November 9 to 23. Golden Jubilee Park near Old Yamuna Bridge will be the venue of project in India. A similar program was  hosted on the banks of Elbe river in Hamburg from October 16 to 23.


Goethe Centrum authorities in India hope it to be the most publicized projects that showcase the German activities in the India this year. Notably the event date falls with the India Week celebrated in Hamburg.

The famous Indian artist Ravi Agarwal appears to be very excited about the affair, he added that “the primary aim is to show the devastation humans have caused to these rivers through their activities.” Ravi Agarwal will be curating the occasion alongside the German artist Till Krause.


The event gives priority to the awareness of upsetting activities human do against rivers. Therefore, the functioning of the event will be also “eco-friendly”, with solar energy used for all its power requirements. Event will feature film screening, inter-school debate competition, music concerts, river walks and the setting up of organic food stalls.

This novel Indo-German collaboration will be calling out for the importance of ecological sustainability of rivers in cities. As Elbe and Yamuna has an important role in the future development of Hamburg and Delhi respectively. Artistic exchange between top Indian and German artists will also be the highlight of the event.

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