Hotel Made From Eco-friendly Recycled Concrete Pipes in Mexico [Images]

Unused concrete pipes can double up as tiny homes. Many a third world nation has such make shift residences. How about converting such pipes into luxury hotels? Head for Mexico, and you will know what we mean. The Tubohotel located at Tepoztlan in Mexico is one such hotel made from reclaimed concrete pipes. Inspired by architect Andreas Strauss’s Dasparkhotel, it is the first ever hotel made from reclaimed concrete pipes. Tubohotel is an eco-friendly tourist spot with 20 rooms inside reclaimed concrete pipes covering an area of 220 square meters.

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Made with recycled pipes of 2.44 m in diameter and 3.50 m in length, the  Tubohotel is made of three volumes of concrete tubes stacked on top of each other. The goal of the construction of Tubohotel was to have the ability to quickly build an affordable luxury residence so as to offer give quality service to visitors.

This construction is in such a way that the rooms sport enough space as possible. The order of the tubes is random with respect to topography. The first three tubocretos modules and the placement plan were done by the architecture firm T3arc. The construction of the rest of the modules was from the hotel’s administration.

The Tubohotel situated in the outskirts of Tepoztlan gives an excellent panoramic view of the Sierra del Tepozteco mountain. The construction of Tubohotel took about three months to complete.

For the Tepoztlan Tourism, the concept of Tubohotel was a new one. This concept worked out in a very good manner and the number of visitors get increased day-by-day. Does you area have one such innovative architecture? Do let us know.

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