Honda Insight Exclusive and Freed Spike Hybrid Cars Teased

Well not a whole bunch but we are pretty excited to say that the Honda’s Japanese site has some tidbits about three of their upcoming hybrids, all rooted from their legendary hybrid families, especially the new hatch breed from Insight series, christened ‘Insight Exclusive’. The others include two Hybrid versions of the mini MPV, Honda Freed’s, the ‘Hybrid Freed’ and the Hybrid Freed Spike. Unlike the older one’s 1.5l SOHC i-VTEC engine, the Freed and Freed Spike are equipped with Honda’s 1.5-liter iVTEC four-cylinder engine and will feature Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), the technology that primarily implemented on Insight.

Honda Freed Hybrid

The more appealing Hybrid Spike comes with seven passenger space and Hybrid Freed with five.

The Insight Exclusive will also possess the Honda’s 1.5- liter engine obliviously with IMA system, and will exhibit Interior and exteriors textures discrete to the model.

Honda Insight Exclusive

Honda Freed  Spike Hybrid

With the official announcement yet to happen, we guess the Insight will roll out this fall in Japan.

Let’s hope if the hybrid huggers can really put these models to the first place apart from its affordability and furbished techs, as a dominator to the other prevailing models.

That means issues like the engine noise and lesser passenger space the previous models had, needs to be rectified.

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