GM EN-V Concept Can Trigger Envy in You [Video]

General Motors has announced plans on the next-generation Chevrolet EN-V concept vehicle. The model will be a follow-up to the original EN-V. The original EN-V was a joint venture of GM and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. which was launched at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.  The new-generation EN-V will feature a revised style of the original with a climate control system. It will have an electric powertrain that can make it travel approximately up to 40 km on a single charge.


The new generation will participate in pilot demonstration programs in mega cities around the globe to decide the real-world practicality. It will have the features of the old model like its battery electric propulsion and connectivity.

The new generation’s concept features autonomous driving system which was also available in the first model. It combines GPS navigation with a number of sensors and communication technology among vehicles. Manuals controls are also available.

Chris Perry, Vice-President, Global Chevrolet Marketing and Strategy, says that the new-generation EN-V will represent a possible solution to global customers living in markets where alternative solutions are needed.

Chris Borroni-Bird, Director of Advanced Technology, GM, says that the Chevrolet EN-V has the potential to reinvent transportation in key markets by creating a new vehicle DNA through the convergence of electrification and connectivity.

He says that the new- generation EN-V will be an ideal solution for petroleum and emission-free urban transportation. He also points out that Chevrolet will explore other locations including US and Canada for potential pilot programs.

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