Give Your Apple iPhone 4S a Case Made Out of Trash

Being a high-end smartphone user doesn’t mean you have to say no to recycled stuff. At least in the case of a case for your phone, that is. We know you are all playing with the iPhone 4S or planning to buy one already. Why don’t you think of  a recycled case that would protect your device from all those tough conditions around?


We have here for you one such case. You can wrap around your iPhone 4 or 4S with the Re-case, exclusively made of recycled trash. Don’t smirk! Recycling has come of age, buddy.

The Re-case is manufactured by Miniwiz and comes with the tag ‘100% Trash’. The case also has a provision to keep your credit cards under the phone and the material used is Polliber.

In case you didn’t know, Polliber is made out of re-processed rice husk and post-consumer thermo-plastics. It is a highly durable material of architectural grade which is recyclable and able to be manufactured at a minimum rate of CO2 emissions.

The re-processed rice husks perform as an enhancer that counteracts the mechanical strength loss due to degradation of polypropylene as it is recycled.

Miniwiz says the case has a high level of sustainability which is unprecedented in the market. The ripple design of the case creates a tactile effect.

The design is ergonomic, and that allows the phone to fit freely in the user’s hand.

You have the option of a green and healthier purchasing decision with this case, and we are pretty sure you will be fully satisfied when it comes to function and style.

The Re-case is available in about seven different hues, and can be purchased for $24.95 from Amazon. Head here, if you would want one for your phone.

Her’s a set of  pictures we found for you:




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