GE All Set to Make One Solar Panel Every 10 Seconds

This calls for a round of good applause.  General Electrics has kick started work on a new solar panel factory in Aurora, Colorado. Significant about the plan is that the new factory will produce one solar panel in every ten seconds! Colorado will have the new factory that will boast the facility to make supermodel thin solar panels. The new factory will also create 355 advanced technology jobs in Colorado.


It will be the largest of the existing solar panel in US and will open by the end of this year. Colorado already has GE Energy’s thin film solar pilot line, where technology advancements from GE’s Global Research Center unite and PrimeStar Solar are validated and tested.

The factory uses a new method to make solar panels – called the thin film process. It eliminates the traditional solar panel making process. Earlier, sand was refined into silicon ingots, sliced wafers which are placed in frames to make solar panels. The thin film process sandwich layers of semiconductors between panes of glass. This process is much better than the traditional one that it saves money, time and energy

The new factory will produce enough solar panels per year to power 80,000 homes. Altogether it will have the size of more than 11 football fields!

The new solar panel factory will record a $600 million in investment history of GE’s solar business. GE hopes that the new factory will be completed earlier with the solar panels coming off the line in 2012 with commercial availability in 2013.

Don’t you think this is a great initiative?

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