Fisker Nina Only By Mid-2013; Battery Powered Car Termed Four-Door Ferrari

California-based start-up automaker Fisker Automotive is said top be delaying production of its much-awaited Nina to mid-2013. Project Nina is the production vehicle of the carmaker’s second extended range electric cars.  We get to know that the start of pre-production for the Nina remains on track for late 2012. It has also been clarified that deliveries of the car to customers will not begin until mid-2013.


You would remember, high volume production of Nina was expected to start by late-2012.  Fisker Nina, the $47,500 compact sports sedan, will get into the works at a former General Motors facility in Wilmington.

The project will get underway with a $359 million loan from the Department of Energy. Additional models that include a coupe and crossover are also expected out of the project.

Fisker plans to take its Nina production line up to 100,000 cars a year. The new car, which is being termed by the company as a ‘four-door Ferrari’, will run on battery power. It uses a small four-cylinder engine that Fisker buys from BMW to generate electricity for longer trips.

Nina will not be a single model. It will unite different body styles that use a variation of features found in the earlier Karma. Fisker had recently received regulatory clearance to sell its Karma sedan. Tell us, would you want to wait for the new Nina?

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