Fiat 500 EV Still in the Works; Will it Rival the Nissan Leaf?

It wasn’t long ago we had heard that Italian car maker Fiat was lining up plans for its EV 500. The latest is that the company is still working on the upcoming electric car. That could also mean that the official unveiling of the Fiat EV 500 could be delayed as the maker is yet to bring full shape to their new project. However, we also get to hear that the company might step up the momentum aso as to get some of the EV 500s hit the market by 2012.


Obviously, the market launch will be in the US, a potential electric vehicle market. And, when it gets launched, the EV 500 could pose much of a threat to the Nissan Leaf, which seems to be garnering all attention as of now.

The new EV 500 will feature a 100 hp electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. The new car shares the skeleton model with the European Fiat Panda and Ford Ka, which is altered for electric drive and battery storage. It will have a really different front part and rear fascias.

The suggested price ranges between $32,000 and $45,000, which seems like a tad confusing. At the moment, we would like to wait to know what the car would offer when it actually arrives. Join us as we go looking for more on that.

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