Facebook Likes Eco-Friendliness; Welcomes ‘Social Energy’ App

Go social, go aware! Facebook users will now be able to lay their hands on an energy consumption application. Christened the ‘Social Energy’ app, the new application has been unveiled in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council and Home Energy Report-pioneering startup, Opower.


Facebook follows the lead of Google and Microsoft, to help users track their energy use at home. The new application will allow the users to monitor their energy use and compete to reduce their energy usage.

The new idea will focus on energy efficiency which helps people to enjoy ‘same level of comfort at lower costs’, say NRDC reports. The new app will be launched in early 2012, and will allow 800 million Facebook users to pull home energy usage data and share it with other Facebook users.


Folks at Techcrunch say that the first utilities to participate will be Commonwealth Edison, the City of Palo Alto and Glendale Water and Power. They will allow a total of 4 million customers to import energy usage data into the new app. Expectations are that other utility companies will also follow.

Many users have been pushing Facebook to help users take the green route. Head for the ‘Green on Facebook’ page, and you will get to see an announcement about the app, and there are also varied comments toward ditching coal.

Even though similar applications like Microsoft Hohm and Google PowerMeter did not click, Facebook is hopeful that the third one, – the Social Energy app – will be a charmer.

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