Dvelas Beach Furniture is Made From Boat Sails

Spanish designer Dvelas introduced nautical furniture upcycled from vintage sail cloth during Valencia Disseny Week. Dvelas showed off their new products at the Nude section where young designers show their talent. What the company does is that they bring back the sails from their sailing trips around the world and then turn them into products.


The different shapes of their products have been inspired by the function of the sail. An example is the sea breaker that has been turned into a sunshade lounger for beach use. The lounger is called Vaurien, which is French for the little brigand.

Another product is the Genois chair which is a bean bag designed with sail cloth. The company also makes hangers from hemp rope and brass carabiners, and the Trimmer chair which is a three-legged reading chair.


Each product is labelled with a tag that explains the material’s source. You will know where it is from, who was the manufacturer, and from which boat it came from.

And if you have an old sail in your house that you are planning to throw out sooner or later, you can just send it to the company. They will make it into one of their products.

Head here to pick your design. Before you do hat you may want to browse through more pictures. Find then below and do not forget to tell us why you like them.





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