Diwali Minus Sound and Fury: Are You Ready?

At long last, sound sense seems to have prevailed over Diwali celebrators; they have, at least some of them have, decided to dispense with the sound and fumes associated with Diwali celebration. For those whom sound and fury signified something, this switch will definitely bring great relief. With Diwali round the corner, shopkeepers have come up with firecrackers designed especially for children, says a ToI report.


The markets are flooded with a variety of crackers like `whistle sparklers’, `magic whip’, `ghost rocket’ and `rainbow thunder’. Because they are eco-friendly, they are high in demand.

`Magic whip’ is a long, red-colored string that doesn’t emit smoke. The strip is priced at Rs 85 and has five pieces.

The ‘whistling sparklers’ only emit silver colors with no sound and smoke. It is priced at Rs 85 for five pieces. The ‘wheels’, other than the usual round-shaped ones, have come in the shape of a ‘swastik’. When lighted, it gives a look of moving swastik. This unique cracker is also priced at Rs 85 for five pieces.

In the rockets, which the sellers say are diminishing in demand, `ghost rocket’ is a novelty. Instead of a regular triangle top, this rocket has a face of ghost on it.

Eco-friendly crackers shaped like 12-star are being preferred because of no smoke and sound. It can be lighted inside the bedrooms also.

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