Celebrities Upset Over Ohio Animal Massacre

You may not have forgotten by now the grisly Ohio Animal Massacre, in which 49 animals were shot dead by the Ohio Police. The previous day, Terry Thompson, an ‘animal lover’, released about 50 domesticated wild animals after which he committed suicide. The animals shot dead by the Ohio Police included tigers, lions, bears, leopards, wolves and monkeys. Many celebrities and animal rights group PETA have mourned the unusual animal massacre.

Carrie Ann Inaba

Celebrities including Carrie Ann Inaba, DJ Samantha Ronson, George Takei and Joel McHale have tweeted their reactions. Carrie Ann Inaba tweeted that she is so upset over what happened at Ohio and the police should have taken a little care to save the animals.

Samantha asked through Twitter whether there was a need to kill those poor animals. George Takei tweeted his surprise at the incident.

PETA also got upset with the incident. PETA said that the shooting of dozens of exotic animals in Zanesville was a tragic example of how wrong things can go when people are allowed to domesticate wild animals.

PETA hopes that this incident will serve as a wake-up call to Ohio Governor John Kasich. The Governor earlier refused to extend an emergency ban on exotic animals in the state that had been put in place by his predecessor.

It’s a wonder that Terry Thompson, the animal lover, released over 49 exotic animals to suffer to death. His wife is still working with the Ohio Police to bury the remains of animals on her property.

Most of the reactions over the incident are that the police should have taken more time to tranquilize the animals before killing them.

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