Catwalk Protests Brazilian Leather; Aims to Save Amazon Rainforest

Catwalk against cruelty in fashion is no news these days, as many an activist organization has been trying hard to check cruelty towards animals in the name of fashion. A similar fashion show was organized by Greenpeace UK to draw attention to Brazilian leather and its inadvertent role in the destruction of Amazon rainforests.

Greenpeace Protests Brazilian Leather, Amazon Deforestation at Italian Trade Show 1

The show was conducted outside the famous Linea Pelle leather trade show in Bologna, Italy. The models wore clothes made of organic fibers and recycled materials, which represented alternatives to genuine leather. The boards on the fashion show read ‘Save your Skin’ and  ‘Save your Leather’.

Greenpeace feels that cattle ranching is responsible for 80% of deforestation in Brazil. This became a reason why most Brazilian leather likely originates from devastated rainforests. Green peace released a new report, Broken Promises along with the fashion show.

The Brazilian cattle industry’s ties with illegal deforestation in the Amazon, slave labor and invasion of indigenous lands have been detailed too. JBS/Friboi, Minerva and Marfrig, the three leading leather manufacturing companies of Brazil have entered into a pledge to boycott cattle from ranches that have been deforested or situated on indigenous lands in 2009. But a follow-up investigation proved that JBS still uses the suppliers who are not honoring the agreement.

Greenpeace selected the fashion industry as the best way through which they can protest against the deforestation of Amazon rainforest. But they alone cannot stop the invasion of giant leather manufacturing companies.

Greenpeace, through this peaceful protest, raised the issue before the public more effectively. They hope that this could make JBS and other companies stick to their agreement and to save Amazon rainforests from destruction. Do you agree too?

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