Argentine Fish with an Extra Eye Adds to Nuclear Scare

Yes, it is true!! A three-eyed fish was caught near a nuclear power plant in Argentina! Well, though the reason for the extra eye is said to be out of mutation, the wonder still does not move away. The fish was caught by a group of fishermen from a lake in Argentina. They were amazed to find the fish with an extra eye. You might be wondering on the science behind the extra eye, right? Read on.


It is being stated that the reason for the third eye is the fish’s residence, the lake. The lake is the reservoir of the nuclear power plant situated near it! Hot water from the nuclear power plant gets pumped into the lake. That could have resulted in the mutation giving an extra eye for the fish.

Now the real tension is not for the extra-talented fish, but was for the human residents near the lake!

The fish can be considered as an evidence for the disturbance to the nature created by the nuclear power plant. The call for suppressing nuclear power plants has emerged worldwide after the Fukushima incident.

These scary evidences make the problem even more complex. The efforts aimed at checking such a menace might result finally in the development of renewable sources like wind and solar for the electricity needs of the nations.

This latest evidence is indeed horrifying. If such conditions continue, the whole world may get an extra eye like the poor fish. Think now and act! Do we need really need killer facilities to give us power?

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