Apple Patents Next-Generation Solar Technology

Apple has been granted 20 new patents on the next-generation solar technology by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patents cover the solar technology for the charging system of personal electronic devices. It will also lead to the development of a specialized back panel reflector which uses sunlight to illuminate screens.


The back panel reflector will use a mirror faced to sun. The solar rays get directed towards a screen to supplement LED backlights with natural light.

The patents also include designs for Macbooks that works on solar technology with photovoltaic panels. The patents detail outlines of new solar cell assembly methods and devices for assembling integrated circuit components to substrates.

Solar arrays assembled can be used on small personal electronic devices. So the owners of Apple devices can make use of solar energy to charge their devices.


These plans are only at a patent stage. But it is obvious that Apple will formulate methods to adopt solar mechanisms as soon as possible. These plans give better hope for the present society which is worried of the future scarcity of non-renewable resources.

The time is not far away when we start using solar technology to power our devices without relying on electricity.

This initiative of Apple may pave the way for many giant corporates to adopt a better way to enhance the use of renewable resources like solar power.

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